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What type of consultation are you interested in?

In-person sessions


We conduct speech assessment and therapy sessions in our comfortable rooms located in Mount Gambier and Naracoorte. During your first session with us, we will create an individualised treatment plan with follow-up tasks that can be easily incorporated into your family’s daily routine. 

Online consults


Online consults use videoconferencing technology to provide speech pathology services to clients at home. Our speech pathologists conduct client sessions from a computer, smartphone or tablet in real-time but may also use other formats, such as email, for related communication.


Some benefits of online consults include:

  • improved access to speech pathology services,
  • reduced travel requirements, and
  • reduced risk of exposure to illness.
During online consults,

we can…

  • Play games
  • Use visual schedules and timers so your child knows what tasks are coming up
  • Use a document viewer to show hard copy resources used in our clinics
  • Sharing our screen to show websites or apps from an iPad
  • Use a green screen to change our backgrounds to help engage your child
Limestone Speech

Things to note:

  • Your speech pathologist will discuss your health and your health history with you and, where appropriate, offer information and advice. 
  • You may bring a support person to your online consultation. 
  • You will need a smartphone, tablet or computer with internet connectivity and a Google Chrome browser. A technical support person might be present on our end for part of the consultation to assist with technical issues. 
  • You are not permitted to record video or audio from your consultation unless your speech pathologist gives you permission to do so. 
  • Ahead of your appointment, you will need to complete our Online Consent Form. 
  • At Limestone Speech, we use Coviu to conduct our online consults. This is an online platform that works seamlessly across all devices including your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.
Once you book in,

we’ll send you an email with a link to book your virtual consultation, and before you know it, we’ll be there in your home (virtually) with you and your child.

Phone consults


We offer phone consultations for patients who cannot access our in-person or online consultations. These sessions last from 35-50 minutes.


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